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Web Eyewear

Web Eyewear is the legendary brand inspired by the thirties and the dream of flying. Practical glasses that were tested by the first ever pilots as well as lovers of the great outdoors – challenging both geographical and mankind’s limits – untiring travelers and explorers. Web Eyewear has evolved from this legendary story intent on capturing the trendiest and most brightly colored fashion-forward styles without however, forgetting its past.

Inspired by travel and exploration motifs, Web Eyewear has evolved over the course of the years to interpret fashion’s more on-trend, never forgetting its history. A retro touch combined with modern features is the winning combination that has defined the brand, leading it to timeless success. The brand stands out for its captivating designs and for an easy-to-wear timeless collection. Web Eyewear optical frames and sunglasses combine fashion and functionality to offer a unique product.

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